Who Loves Babygirl?


THE REVIEWS ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Babygirl was insightful,  inspirational, creative, thought-provoking, captivating, genuine.  The impact it has on the individual viewer won’t ever be measured.  It is like a deep drop in the pool with ripples extending out in ways one can’t grasp or know the result.

In my work as an occupational therapist I am in contact with a broad, international mix of individuals and families.  Your play has heightened my awareness of  individual sensitivities and added fresh perspective and respect for them in general.  I believe many people will be affected by my change in attitudes, thought and actions and perhaps helped more in their lives than they would have if I hadn’t seen your play.

I will give you the credit (and your Mom) but it is an applause you won’t hear.  But it goes on . . . . .!   Encore!  Encore!  Encore!

Your story is so amazing, so real, so contemporary, so relevant.  There is nothing as powerful as a small community play theatre because one becomes so captivated by the story.  When I think of your presentation I am reminded of the plump seeds of a red, ripe pomegranate . . . . deliciously pregnant with potential.  Good job!  Great work! Press on.”

Lynn Jansky

“Illuminating subject matter, ingenious and delightful presentation… this one woman show touches subject matter in a unique and provocative way. The playwright sparkles!”

Kathleen McGhee-Anderson
Veteran TV Producer/Playwright/Screenwriter

“Good job! It is so good to see a woman doing her own thang! 🙂

Tiffany Haddish
Comedienne/Actress “The Carmichael Show”

“Babygirl” is an intimate story of one’s Black Girl/Woman’s journey in America. Personal yet universal, “Babygirl” is beautifully told by the author and actress, Kaypri.”

Levy Lee Simon
Award Winning Playwright

“Wow girl your show was hilarious yet touching. I left thinking about how much we have in common and feeling fortunate to see our story portrayed in an insightful way. Thank you. I told my teenage daughter about it and she is excited to see the next show.”

Maya Luz Gordon
Bi-Racial Adult with pre-teen daughter

A unique use of iconic pop culture t.v. shows to highlight major events in a young girl’s life. Kaypri has an original idea.”

Kenyetta Lethridge
Playwright: Innocent Flesh – Hit play about teen prostitutes

“I Love Love LOOOVED your one woman show, girl I was rollin’ when you did the 80’s music stuff during your monologues, and the part about the relaxer is so TRUE, LOL!”

Markietha Singleton – Playwright “Quicksand” “Milkcrates” “Concrete Daughters”

“With “Babygirl,” you get to witness a woman’s life journey and struggles through the lens of the TV shows she watched as a child. It is as amazing as it is disturbing, uplifting and inspiring,..funny and poignant..one of the finest and most original solo shows I’ve ever seen. GO!!”

Kabin Thomas

Actor/Blogger/Professor/Father of Bi-Racial Teenagers

“I can’t wait to see more of Babygirl! : ) “

 “…thanks for the laughs and the memories. That took me back. Best with the rest of your show. GO BABYGIRL! “

“I loved all the musical selections. I was really engrossed in it. Very enjoyable. Congrats Babygirl!”

“Babygirl is a great commentary on adolescence. I thoroughly enjoyed the characterizations.”

“You are beautiful and brilliant! People were really mean to me growing up as well. I had braces and a curl and was considered dark. I am learning now at 30 to love my beautiful black self from the inside out! Preach girl! You can change a lot of lives.”

“A very inspirational piece. It relates to youthful, everyday issues. Very well organized. I liked the acting.”

“I like the way she expresses her feelings. It relates to young people these days.”

“Very good. Liked Kaypri. Brought tears to my eyes.”

“Potentially powerful and a great debut!! Bravo!!”

“The lesson I learned is to treat your friends nicely.”

“A very good play. Well thought out and performed..beautiful…

“I thought it was very interesting and creatively put together. I could relate to several stages Babygirl went through.”

“Very good. Excellent. People need to hear this. Spread the word!”

“..Loved the acting out of lady on stage.”

“..reminds me of all of the childhood events I blocked out!!  Can’t wait to see it again!!”


“Kaypri enjoyed every word of this material. One of the few one person plays that contains a “formula” for structure. Most enjoyed the media tie-in which is an interesting social commentary on the last century’s pop culture. Being a tv producer I value it’s historical significance and provision of facts. Think it will do well onstage on both coasts. One final note: the Father/Stroke through-line is poignant and very tender writing. Perfect! A great performance!”


Judi Ann Mason

Veteran Playwright/Screenwriter/Producer

February 2, 1955-July 8, 2009